Recovering From Water Damage

Flood damage at home can stem from a range of sources. No matter how it begins, it can result in serious problems for the structure and fixtures inside. Floors, walls and other surfaces are susceptible to fungal invasion when water damage is neglected. Our professionals at Paul Davis are the ones to talk to when your home or business needs water damage restoration.

Before Paul Davis Pros Arrive

There are other ways to ready your home before Paul Davis specialists arrive. From the floors, walls, ceiling, and your prized things, it’s essential to act quickly to postpone water damage in your home.

Make sure your home is in a safe condition to enter before starting work. The hazardous mixture of water and electricity makes a dampened home a risky place to work in. Turn off the main breaker before walking into your home. Even if they look harmless, home appliances can pack a punch when touched by water.

Salvaging Items And Your Home

A serious home flood can leave everything you own wet. Once your property is safe to enter, relocate all your possessions. Even, sturdy surfaces are suitable for airing out books, magazines and other paper materials. This also includes small tabletop things, such as lamps and collectibles. The cleaning can begin once you’ve removed books, small items and other damp materials.

To begin the drying process, try using fans or your home’s AC in your property to circulate air throughout the area. Wipe and mop wet surfaces such as shelves to ensure smaller puddles of sitting water have been cleaned. Though you may want to try, don’t use a normal home vacuum to clean water. Incorrect use of these tools can be hazardous to you and harm the vacuum. To help the floor and furniture dry, use wooden or cement blocks to lift heavy chairs off the floor.

Water adds weight to surfaces, carpets, and fabrics. The additional weight makes rugs, leather goods and fur difficult to move. If you have to remove a rug, proceed with caution. Hang draperies, clothing and other fabrics away from the wet area to dry correctly. Pieces such as furniture might not be easily saved.

Your property’s framework and floors aren’t immune to water weight either. Floors and ceilings may bend when they take on water weight, it’s best to stay clear of these areas.

Why You Should Call Paul

Paul Davis professionals are experienced with flooding. But with a little prep work from homeowners, we can begin removing the flooding faster. We will restore your property back to normal safely and quickly. Our professionals have restored a variety of flood conditions in all types of residential and business spaces. Additionally, Paul Davis helps you with your insurance company to settle your claims promptly, so you can get life back to normal.