COVID-19 Residential Cleaning

First-Rate Disinfection Services For Homes

At Paul Davis, we take our jobs seriously and strive to mitigate challenges our community is dealing with at this time. We know what it takes to eradicate pathogens because we are a nationally known name in the property restoration and emergency cleaning industry.

Keep Your Residence Safe

These are some of the ways we support everyone’s well-being and safety:

  • Sanitize and clean high-touch surfaces: Our experts have the correct tools and equipment to eradicate microbial growth, viruses, pathogens and other bacteria.
  • Take the necessary steps: We’ll ask about everyone’s status prior to beginning the project so as to not put anyone at risk. Our team wears face masks and shoe covers to prevent contaminants from being tracked into your home.
  • Offer pertinent information: As experts in the industry, we can give you accurate and valuable information that’ll help protect your health and safety. We understand that there is a lot of concern out there about coronavirus, so we’re here to answer your questions according to the most current updates available.

We Keep Safe For You

We aim to keep you and your loved ones safe, especially as we’re all going through the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Our commercial disinfection services consist of:

  • Cleaning your building by appropriately applying disinfectants
  • We are EPA and FDA approved against bacteria and viruses
  • We meet stringent standards

Additionally, we use the most advanced techniques in professional cleaning to provide more the finest results. These consist of:

  • ULV Fogging: This is a pre-emptive service that cleans and covers walls, floors and other horizontal surfaces.
  • Fogging with Horizontal Surface Wiping: For objects that undergo a lot of contact such as desks, telephones, technological equipment, etc.
  • Fogging with Full Wiping: Industry approved measures for confirmed cases of coronavirus. This is a extensive cleaning service that applies disinfectants to sanitize your facility.

Let’s Keep Everyone Safe

Sanitation is one of several services Paul Davis provides, and our background over the years is a benefit for you. We use the proper materials, techniques and tools to address viruses, bacteria, microbial growth and other pathogens, so you can trust us to deliver peace of mind while we clean your property.

Contact Paul Davis Today

Viral and bacterial infections are a regular threat in the world today. A simple sanitation program will help bring a sense of safety back to your home. Call Paul Davis today at (303)322-3328 and our experts can assist by making your home safe. Paul Davis contractors are professionally trained in regards to sanitizing properties.