Causes of Water Damage

Water damage happens in several different ways and can harm even the most organized business or home. Various water damage scenarios deserve special answers. Whatever the origin or size of water damage in your home, Paul Davis Emergency Services work quickly and professionally.

These are a few of the most typical causes of water damage:

Weather Damage

Bad storms will test any building’s foundation. When weather gets dangerous, water becomes a powerful force. Be it a flood, hurricane, or winter storm, if water hits your home or business, it becomes a grave issue. Nobody is ready for a problem like this, but if issues occur, our help is available.

Basement Flooding

Basements draw in lots of runoff water, be it from precipitation, a leaky roof, a malfunctioning water pump, or any other source. It just takes one crack in the cellar for water to flow in. Paul Davis experts are highly trained to eliminate water from basements, clean and restore your possessions, and dry everything quickly to minimize damage. We don’t stop until we verify that the job is complete.

Problems with Sewer Backups

Sewer back up is not just repellent, it’s hazardous. Black or grey water contamination carries microbes that can result in infection. Backup from sewer blockages can be designated as an emergency and should be dealt with immediately. Certified Paul Davis technicians comb through and remove the damage from the backup and all standing water damage may have happened. Our equipment and years of education can solve the issues with safety and speed.

Appliance Leaks & Damaged Pipes

If your sink, bathtub, water heater or any other appliance floods, the outcome can vary from annoying to hazardous. Standing water on the floor can drain into tight spots, collecting in hard-to-reach places. You may cause wood damage and invite a mold infestation. If your water damage results from bathroom or kitchen overflow, you additionally risk spreading illnesses. Have an emergency professional inspect the area to avoid more expenses later on.

Water after Fire Damage

It’s bad enough for your property to sustain fire damage, but it’s even worse to be left with water damage after the fire. In the process of extinguishing a home fire, your property can be left with water damage. This surplus of home damage can leave your area devastated. Paul Davis Emergency Services has the skills to eliminate all fire or water damage left.