Causes of Water Damage

Water damage occurs in several various ways and can harm even the most prepared business or homeowner. Assorted water damage scenarios deserve appropriate treatments. Regardless of the source or size of water damage in your business, Paul Davis Emergency Services work fast and effectively.

These are a few of the most common causes of water damage:

Bad Weather

Long periods of rainfall can put any structure’s foundation on trial. When storms become serious, water becomes a powerful force. Be it a flood, hurricane, or blizzard, if water hits your home or business, it becomes a grave problem. Nobody is prepared for a problem like this, but if water damage strikes, our help is available.

Cellar Flooding

Underground rooms are a target for runoff water, whether from precipitation, a leaky roof, a damaged water pump, or some other source. It just takes a single ding in the foundation for water to invade. Paul Davis experts are highly qualified to eliminate water from basements, clean and preserve your home goods, and dry everything quickly to lessen the damage. Our team doesn’t quit until we have confirmed that the task is finished.

Sewage Backups & Problems

Sewage flooding is not just nasty, it’s a health concern. Grey or black water contamination spreads toxins that can result in infection. Backup caused by sewer clogs should be designated as an emergency and should be handled right away. Trained Paul Davis emergency responders inspect and eliminate the damage from the backup and any standing water damage may have happened. Our tools and years of training can fix the issues with efficiency and speed.

Damaged Plumbing & Appliance Leaks

If your sink, bathtub, water heater or any other appliance breaks, the outcome can range from irritating to devastating. Stagnant water left on the floor can drain into the foundation, and pool in hard-to-reach areas. You then cause floor damage and invite a mold invasion. If your water damage results from sewage or dishwasher malfunction, you additionally risk fostering microbes. Call an emergency specialist investigate the situation to prevent further expenses later on.

Firefighting Runoff

It’s terrible enough for your property to take on fire damage, but it’s worse to be left with water damage in the days after the fire. In the steps of extinguishing a home fire, your home or business can be left with water damage. This surplus of severe damage can leave your area devastated. Paul Davis has the expertise to eliminate any fire or water damage left.