Cleaning Sewer Drains

Storms and floods usually come to mind when most Denver residents think of emergencies. However, other dangers can begin your own residence. Sewer backup is a indoor issue that can have dire consequences if untreated. Whether it’s a minor bathtub backup or a seriously overflowing toilet, handling any kind of sewage water is dangerous. Rather than putting your health at risk, call Paul Davis Emergency Services to handle it.

Why Get Specialists?

The nasty factor is not the main reason to stay away from sewer water. Big and small backups can bring gray and black water into your home or even bleed disease into your clean water. The same bacteria and viruses in sewage can develop in clean, but standing water. Raw sewer water, for instance can contain E. Coli, Leptospirosis and other dangerous pathogens.

If the seepage or backup is coming from the toilet trap or beyond, it may carry black water that has come in contact with raw waste. Normally black water has remained static for long enough to foster the growth of pathogens. Natural water sources may also carry black water. Call the Paul Davis Emergency specialists now if you have a black water leakage on your property.

Don’t Hesitate

If you ever see a sewage leak in your home, call Paul Davis Emergency Services. With all our experience, we understand the best ways to handle the poisonous substances in black and gray water safely. Talk to our branch in Denver with any questions you may have. Act now to treat the leak. Call us today to prevent contamination in your residence or business.